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Comparing Two Cities in 7.4A

This term, the boys from 7.4A are studying the concept of liveability and how communities' perception of a place's liveability is influenced by a variety of factors.

To date, the boys have completed a range of collaborative activities including a debate on whether or not crime and violence should be reported by the media, a group discussion about what it means to be an Australian and a 'Quizlet Live' team game about environmental push and pull factors.

More recently, the boys have completed a comparative inquiry task, based on the statement that culture and communities may cause people to make decisions. Specifically, they worked in pairs to research the liveability of two cities (one from Asia and one from Australia). Using their research, they created a 3 minute presentation, presenting the positive and negative liveability traits of each city, before coming to a conclusion about which city is the most liveable and why.

The boys are certainly enjoying the collaborative nature of this unit. Whilst developing their communication and self-management skills, they have been making great connections between place, communities and culture.

Mr Andrew Arbuckle
Homeroom Teacher 7.4A