The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Super Smoothies, Healthy Hamburgers and Beautiful Breakfasts

The Middle School boys have been enthusiastically putting their culinary skills to the test in preparing a range of tasty and healthy recipes in Food Design.

Year 6 boys are enjoying their Food Design experience. Discovering the kitchen and making some seriously good smoothies is keeping us busy before the exciting Fruit Dessert Design Challenge.

The Year 7s have been learning about safety in the kitchen and in particular, knife safety and skills. They are now experts in slicing, dicing and chopping and can produce a wonderful fruit salad! The Healthy Hamburger Design Challenge is a chance for the boys to plan and cook some amazing burgers.

Year 8 students are extending their food skills and experiences in learning about and preparing a range of breakfast foods. Whether it's a delicious stack of pancakes, filled crepes or poached eggs, the boys have produced some fabulous dishes. Eating their creations is always the highlight of the lesson! Towards the end of term the boys will have the chance to cater for a morning tea for invited guests, to showcase their exciting new skills.

I am looking forward to further expanding the boys' talents with Food Design.

Mrs Stella Hodgson
Food Design Teacher