The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Year 10 Languages in Business Breakfast

Bright and early on Wednesday morning Year 10 boys who are considering selecting a language for Year 11, were invited to attend a breakfast with the General Manager of the Novotel Perth Langley, M. Jean-Philippe Lagarde, at his hotel in the City of Perth.

Monsieur Lagarde kindly agreed to host a breakfast for the 16 students and presented his career pathway within the hospitality industry. Explaining his choices, and the need for multiple languages, he told us of moving from France to Spain, to England, onwards to India and finally to Perth within the Accor group. Monsieur Lagarde has not been reluctant to take his children (now 18 and 22) on this journey, and of course educating them in each of the respective school systems. They are now both in the hotel industry, one following a post-university route and the other entering direct from High School. Both are multi-lingual of course.

The boys enjoyed the excellent buffet and eagerly asked relevant and engaging questions over the course of the breakfast. Sebastian Barrett (Year 10, Brisbane) led the enquiry particularly brightly considering the hour of the morning, and Joshua Walsh (Year 10, Ferguson) offered our thanks to conclude. We would like to thank him once again and of course the Novotel for being excellent hosts.

Mr Jonathan Rugg
Curriculum Leader, Modern Languages