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Prince and the Pauper

From Wednesday 30 August to Saturday 2 September, the Year 8-10 drama production takes place in the Dickinson Centre.

Living in Tudor London poor Tom Canty has a chance meeting with the young heir to the throne, Prince Edward - and by pure coincidence they find they look almost identical.

Mark Twain's classic tale of confused identities tells the story of what happens when one person is mistaken for the other: Tom Canty is forced into the world of the court and power while Edward is cast down into a world of poverty and thieves, from which he must fight his way back!

Come along for a fun night of mystery, romance and intrigue all delivered by a cast of fine actors from Years 8, 9 and 10.

Tickets are available through the Scotch College website - click here.

Mrs Rachel Galluccio Budimlich
Arts Teacher