The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Scotch SCUBA Club

On Sunday 18 June, The Scotch SCUBA Club headed down to Rockingham for a change of pace. We were doing two shore dives, walking in off the beach, instead of heading out on a boat. This provides a completely different opportunity for diving. It is cheaper, faster and easier than boat diving.

We arrived at Australasian Dive Academy around 9.00am and were able to get suited up straight away. It was then a short walk over to the beach and into the water. About 100m off shore there is a 'wreck trail' that involves three sunken ships, two sunken planes, and a number of other artificial reefs. Visibility was average and being winter, the water was cold. There wasn't an abundance of fish life but it was quite eerie to come across the planes underwater and the mind automatically went to any Hollywood plane crash scenario you've witnessed. Luckily for us, the cockpits were empty…

SCUBA dive

After a warming BBQ lunch, we were heading north to Woodman Point, Ammo Jetty. The two dives couldn't have been more different. Plenty of fish life under the jetty including moray eels, a cone snail, octopus and even a seahorse relaxing amongst the pylons. As the depth was maximum seven metres, we were able to stay under for a long time and most boys had a good hour under the water.

Boys involved:

Cameron Ritchie (Year 11, Keys), Wade White (Year 11, Keys), Jack Carrington (Year 11, Keys), Thomas Reymert (Year 12, Brisbane), Aren Leishman (Year 11, Ross) and Michael Hawkins (Year 11, Ferguson)

As we have just completed another Year 10 Dive Expedition and had another 20 boys complete their Open Water Certificate, now is a great time to keep refreshing your skills. Look out for information in the Daily Notices, or contact Mr Steele for more information.

Mr Alistair Steele
Outdoor Education