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Information Learning Technology

iPad Pro

Year 5L has been chosen to take part in a trial programme with five iPad Pro tablets. The iPad Pro uses the Apple Pencil (stylus) and the 5L boys have been asked to use the stylus in their planning and rate its usefulness.

The iPad Pro stylus allows for:

  • Instant notetaking
  • The ability to markup documents and annotate work
  • Sketching, drawing or writing directly alongside text in Notes and Mail

The capabilities of the Apple Pencil along with the multitude of educational apps available for the iPad make it a very effective learning tool for the Year 5 classroom.

As part of the trial, the iPad Pro will be judged on its effectiveness in providing the boys with the best tools to help capture and present their learning. The apps used will be creationary apps such as iMindmap and Adobe Sketch as well as all the current Year 4 iPad apps. Scotch staff will compare the iPad Pro tablet to the Macbook Air laptops currently used in Year 5.

We are confident that this will be a helpful addition to the boys in the coming weeks and will benefit them as they begin their highly collaborative PYP exhibition unit.

Mrs Amanda Ritchie
ILT Integration Specialist