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Middle School Design

This term the Middle School Design learning area started off with an exhibition in the Gallery showcasing the Year 6, 7 & 8 boys' work in some of the Design courses from Semester 1. This exhibition highlighted the progress of the boys from Year 6 to 8 so that by the time boys reach Year 8, there is a strong emphasis on them to think as designers, fully understanding the Design Cycle, using the Design Cycle correctly and expressing their creativity. This was all evident in the range of creations produced in each course from the same initial briefing.

The Year 6 and 7 boys are close to finishing their second Design rotation. The Year 7s are producing some impressive work in the CO2 Dragster Car Challenge. This course has become a favourite among many boys and we look forward to continuing to evolve this as the facility in the Middle School is adapted and upgraded. The Year 8s are now a few weeks into their second Design course and are just finishing their Inquiring and Analysing work before they move into the Developing Ideas section of the Design Cycle.

In 2018, the aim of the Middle School Design Department is to further streamline the course content to ensure that the boys are fully prepared as they move into the new STEM course in Year 9. Congratulations to our Middle School boys for rising to the challenge and producing some excellent work. We are confident that we have some world class future designers at Scotch College.

Mr Edward Grant and Mr Brent Van Ingen-Kal
Middle School Design