The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Science Awards

The Big Science Competition was held earlier in the year. This competition is an Australia wide event for Year 9 students and three of our boys excelled in it, attaining High Distinctions for finishing in the top 5% of the 42,000 students who entered.

Emmanuel Nason (Year 9, Anderson)

Arun Tibballs (Year 9, Shearer)

Daniel Wiese (Year 9, Keys)

A number of our students were also involved in the UNSW ICAS Science Competition (Years 9 to 12). It assessed student skills in observing and measuring, interpreting data, applying data, investigating, and higher order reasoning and problem-solving.

Daniel Wiese (Year 9, Keys) is a Medal Winner (as the top student in WA for his age group), Daniel will receive a Medal at a formal Ceremony, from the organisers.

The following students were placed in the top 1% of participants Australia wide and receive a High Distinction.

Kartik Khanna (Year 12, Shearer)

Raghav Khanna (Year 12, Shearer)

Sebastian Barrett (Year 10, Brisbane)

Joshua O'Dea (Year 10, Brisbane)

William Steinberg (Year 9, Brisbane)

Distinction (next top 10%):

Andrew Burvill (Year 12, Shearer)

William Corbett (Year 12, Alexander)

Yuelin Shen (Year 12, Brisbane)

Lewis Weeda (Year 12, Shearer)

Darcy Frazer (Year 11, Ferguson)

Christopher Kirkwood (Year 11, Alexander)

Riley Thomas (Year 11, Anderson)

Benjamin Olson (Year 10, St Andrews)

Joshua Turibaka (Year 10, St Andrews)

Harrison Unstead (Year 10, Brisbane)

Adam Darley (Year 10, Anderson)

Australian Maths Competition

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) was introduced in Australia in 1978. It has since spread internationally, with students in more than 30 countries attempting the same problems. Scotch College has a long and successful history in this competition. 2017 was no different.

The AMC is for students of all standards. The problems are designed to test mathematical thinking. The problems get more difficult through the competition, so that at the end they are challenging to the most gifted students.


William Steinberg (Year 9, Brisbane)

Daniel Wiese (Year 9, Keys)

Kartik Khanna (Year 12, Shearer)

High Distinctions:

George Graham (Year 9, Keys)

Sebastian Wright (Year 9, Ross)

Thomas Hodge (Year 10, St. Andrews)

Joshua O'Dea (Year 10, Brisbane)

Oliver Broun (Year 11, Alexander)

Luke Henderson (Year 12, Ferguson)

Raghav Khanna (Year 12, Shearer)

Paddy Lamont (Year 12, Shearer)

Yuelin Shen (Year 12, Brisbane)

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Simon Ferreira (Year 12, Ross)

Callum Purvis (Year 12, Shearer)

Joshua (Josh) Pearson (Year 12, Stuart) has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by The Law Society of Western Australia. Joshua has consistently been achieving high marks in the ATAR Politics and Law course and has displayed great passion for the subject area.

Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award

The ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader community and who display strong values, such as doing one's best, respect for others and "mateship", that are integral to Australian society. The establishment of the ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards is an important initiative by the Australian Government designed to encourage senior students, tomorrow's leaders, to actively participate in the life of their schools and local communities.

The winners of this prestigious award for 2017 are:

Harrison Gilchrist (Year 10, Keys)

David MacKinnon (Year 12, Ross)

Certificate IV in Business

Jaimon Alone (Year 12, Keys)

Benjamin Anderson (Year 12, Cameron)

Lachlan Bird (Year 12, Anderson)

Fletcher Cumming (Year 12, St Andrews)

Max Garbutt-Wilkins (Year 12, Ferguson)

George Gibson (Year 12, Keys)

Luke Gollan (Year 12, Keys)

Jack Manners (Year 12, Stuart)

Lachlan Morrell (Year 12, Keys)

Roko Radman (Year 12, Keys)

Harry Reid (Year 12, Alexander)

Cullin Ross (Year 12, Brisbane)

Levi Ross (Year 12, Keys)

Chadd Sarich (Year 12, Cameron)

Ryan Taylor (Year 12, Stuart)

Justin Weatherall (Year 12, St Andrews)

Callum Willmott (Year 12, Keys)

Certificate II in Sport & Recreation

Phillip Collard (Year 12, Keys)

Lachlan Vos (Year 12, St Andrews)


Athletics Medallions 2017


Jaxon Hayden (Year 9, Stuart)


Lucas Triglavcanin (Year 10, St Andrews)


Joshua Hook (Year 11, Brisbane)


Mitchell Clarke (Year 12, St Andrews)

Callum Jacobsen (Year 12, St Andrews)