The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Over the last two weeks we have yet again experienced how our traditions and values form the core of whom we are; and how a community for life is what we are really developing at Scotch College for each and every boy.

In 1997 a review of the College history was written by Nigel Creese in the journal Independence. It is interesting to note that in this review, he draws attention to the fact that a question was posed in the history as to whether what has done well for the College for the first century, will also do well for the second. As we celebrate our 120th year of existence in 2017, let me suggest the answer is categorically 'Yes' and anyone at the opening and rededication of the Memorial Hall on 20 October 2017 will no doubt agree.

The ceremony for Memorial Hall was a generational event for our College and the whole community. The service included our current group of Senior School students who were fortunate enough to witness another piece of our history unfold via the modern medium of online video streaming. This event highlights how the marrying of tradition with the new will always be possible. I would like to thank everyone who attended, the staff who made the day possible and the students' mere presence as they are our reason for what we do each and every day.

Another great example of generational connectivity occurred on the same day as the Memorial Hall service, when our Junior School held their annual grandparents' day. There were two separate sessions to cater for the amazing turn out of grandparents. The day involved the boys showing their grandparents their classrooms, followed by a picnic and then a celebration assembly. Congratulations to Mr Stewart and all of the Junior School staff for making our grandparents, many of whom are old boys, feel so special, loved and indispensable.

Finally, on Thursday 26 October, the Scotch Parents hosted an amazing presentation by Mr Mike Utsler, Chief Operations Officer of Woodside. Over 290 families were challenged and inspired by the story of the cleanup operation of the Deep-Water Horizon Platform off Louisiana USA. The most poignant part of his presentation came at the start when Mike highlighted the core values of Scotch and those of Woodside. He did so by challenging all of us to keep our values at the centre of who we are and that in life we should treat each other with respect and act with humility.

Let me conclude by sharing what our guest speaker referred to as Mike's 5 Cs for life.

  1. Courage: standing by your values is not always easy.
  2. Committed: commit to what you believe, what you promise and how you live your life.
  3. Compassionate: we all matter as human beings. Ask yourself 'What can you do to make things better or to enhance the life of others?
  4. Community: you have to connect with others throughout your life. Being part of and committed to a community is critical.
  5. Credible: be genuine, authentic and trustworthy

With those thoughts, all that is left to say is to have a great fortnight and I look forward to bumping into many of you around the College or the wider community and remember to keep the Year 12s and their families in your thoughts and prayers as the Year 12s continue to prepare for their final examinations.

Dr Alec O'Connell