The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

A Culmination of a Journey

"Without applying the understandings and consolidating the new knowledge through practical experiences, students remain disconnected from the learning."

I often find myself thinking back to when I was young(er). I think about how different things are today from then. Technology has changed much of our life and has impacted on childhood. My recollections of my primary school days bring to mind images of sitting in rows facing the green board, rote learning, the dreaded spelling test and recess snowball fights. We did get to prepare projects with the topics we could write about selected from a list set by my teacher.

The educational opportunities that have been presented to our boys are vastly different from when I was young. Over the course of their journey through the Primary Year Programme (PYP) the boys develop their thinking, social, communication, self-management and research skills.

The boys' skills as inquirers have also changed. Initially they were guided through their units of inquiry. They learned to collaborate, research, ask questions and communicate. As the boys get near to the end of their PYP journey they are involved in units of inquiry that provide them with increased opportunities to direct the units into areas of their own interest.

The boys in Year 5 have been engaged in a self-direct inquiry that has allowed them to demonstrate their transdisciplinary skills. The PYP Exhibition is the culminating experience of a boy's journey. It allows them to take ownership for their inquiry, to research, write, communicate and present their learning and their work.

The central idea for this year's Exhibition is: Beliefs, values, culture, health and the environment have an impact on who we are as individuals. Each boy has created their own burning question, have researched their topic and have worked tirelessly to prepare for this week's Exhibition.

On Wednesday, the boys will proudly present their Exhibition to their parents and the school community in the College Gallery. They will speak passionately and confidently about their topics and impress with their knowledge.

Our boys have consolidated their understanding, demonstrated their knowledge and connected to their learning. I encourage parents of the Junior school to visit the Gallery on Thursday to see the wonderful work of our boys.

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School