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Academic Support

Repeated Reading

Repeated reading is a strategy to develop fluency and accuracy.

In Mrs Louden's Year 5, the boys have been engaged in repeated reading every morning since the beginning of term one. The boys started the year reading specific texts that targeted their reading level. Now, as improved readers, the boys read passages of their choice. Individually, the boys track their reading rate and monitor their progress.

In Mrs Gray's Year 1 class, some of the boys have committed to repeated reading both at school and at home.

Xavier Lewis and Leo Nairdone reflected on their commitment to completing repeated reading activities and the benefits. When asked the question, what is Repeated Reading, the boys gave the following responses:

"Repeated Reading is like you read the book five times over and over. You get better at fluency. Reading the book over really helps me. I feel like I'm better at reading". - Leo

'It is actually fun! You learn more words. You get smarter. I noticed it helped me to read smoother and faster". - Xavier

If your son needs to develop fluency the following tips are helpful

  • Provide children with opportunities to read and reread a range of stories and informational texts by reading on their own, partner reading, or choral reading.
  • Introduce new or difficult words to children, and provide practice reading these words before they read on their own.
  • Include opportunities for children to hear a range of texts read fluently and with expression.
  • Model fluent reading, then have students reread the text on their own.

Mrs Janet Lopez
Head of Academic Support