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The PYP Exhibition - unlocking the future of learning

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme Year 5 Exhibition was a culmination of the boys learning and a timely reminder of the potential released throughout the collective IB programmes.

For our fantastic Year 5 teachers, Mrs Irene Louden, Mrs Fiona Alexander and Mr Andrew Wells, the reality is they will have few interactions with them beyond this year as they send these boys into the Middle School and the Middle Years Programme.

Not visible to these educators is the ongoing impact high quality teaching has in unlocking the boy's potential as they further their education and naturally mature. It is these early educators that plant the seeds and develop the skills these boys will carry with them throughout school and beyond.

To witness boys speaking openly regarding their research on their own learning difficulty, coupled with the assistive technology they use to improve their learning is remarkable. Yet more compelling is their desire to take what they have learnt and improve the lives of others by sharing their knowledge.

Additionally, witnessing students at the age of ten developing referencing techniques as part of the APA 6th edition referencing system, goes well beyond the measure of attainment for most Year 5 students nationally. These examples do not capture the entirety of learning that was on display.

For those who are unaware, each phase of the IB programmes captures the learning in a culminating experience:

The Primary Years Programme - The Year 5 Exhibition

The Middle Years Programme - The Year 8 Community Project (commencing 2018)

The Diploma Programme - The Year 12 Extended Essay

By Year 12 boys participating in the Diploma Programme are tasked to complete the extended essay, an independent, self-directed piece of research. Some example topics have included:

'The motives of the India Pakistan Partition of 1947 were in the best interests culturally and geopolitically for the people of India.'

Evaluate the accuracy of this statement in relation to the roles and intentions of the significant participants involved in the partition


To what extent did the Special Economic Zones affect China's economic direction from 1978 to 1992?

To be able to deliver a research essay of this complexity by Year 12 is only made possible by the education these boys are receiving in their primary and middle years, for it is here the thirst for learning coupled with skills needed, are developed to unlock this potential whilst at school.

Congratulations to all involved in the Exhibition.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning