The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

It is the Journey that Matters

"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end."
Ursula K. Le Guin , The Left Hand of Darkness

We hope that our children will rise to the challenge. Embrace the opportunities they are provided and see the value in the experience and how they have grown as a result of it. The Year 5 PYP Exhibition took place on Wednesday 1 November. The boys of Year 5 were able to showcase their learning from the Exhibition period but most importantly, they showcased their growth as learners.

On the day, the boys had parents, grandparents and other VIP's attended. They articulated their research and learning to the eager audience. The work of our boys was simply outstanding.

Each guest was asked to complete a post card with the thought and comments about the Exhibition. I felt these cards provided a beautiful insight on the value parents have seen in the Exhibition for their sons.

Guests' feedback

"The process and framework gave these young men the direction to produce some truly inferential knowledge. Big business could benefit from such an experience. Well done to all!"

"It's impressive to see the confidence, enthusiasm and motivation of the boys improve as the process has unfolded. They are all very proud of their work, and it shows. Staff have done an amazing job and should be also very proud."

"Very impressive and so well coordinated. All fantastic subjects and beautifully presented."

"Great to see what young people are capable of achieving with the right guidance and help."

"Wow! I have learnt so much today from understanding Australian-Chinese identity to gaming, DNA, mental health, the importance of sleep - you name it. This has truly been an enriching experience for me and clearly for all the boys involved too. Well done!"

"Exhibition is an amazing experience for our boys to extend themselves. Such a valuable challenge that opens their eyes to the world. This is the reason we choose Scotch!"

"The passion the boys have for their exhibition topic is inspiring. The future is bright for all with these boys."

"Extremely proud of all the boys. What a fabulous array of work!"

"Wow! Excellent to see this wonderful work and very impressive the boys could speak so well about their exhibition."

"Amazing work by all boys! Truly inspirational and lots of hard work completed!"

"Such articulate young men. Congratulations to all for the incredible efforts during 2017 exhibition."

"Marvellous. Wish I could spend a full day or more seeing many more presentations. Big companies, this is Year 5. You need to get your team leaders out into the world and see what is in the pipeline."

"A lot of very good and well-presented topics. I was particularly impressed with my son's as he had no help from any family except to set up a phone call that he then asked all questions himself. A great process."

"Absolutely fantastic exhibition. The boys were all very knowledgeable. Great manners, self-assurance and eye contact. The depth of their knowledge and research was impressive."

"Sincere congratulations to all boys and staff. Boys not only had learned an outstanding amount about individual subjects but took care to allow for disability needs as poor hearing to communicate their knowledge effectively. So well done."

"Very well done by the boys. Their hard work and passion for their subjects were obvious."

"Wow! I have learnt a lot today! The PYP exhibition has surprised me with an unbelievable collection of interesting and explorative topics of passion! I was suitably impressed with the level and extent of knowledge each of the boys presented. Whilst the exhibition was presented amazingly, the research journals and their content showed me the layers of work and effort. So, so proud of Year 5!"

The Exhibition was a culmination of 10 weeks of work for our boys and an example of what a Scotch boy can do after they have learned the skills they need. I am immensely proud of each and every one of our boys for their outstanding effort and achievement.

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School