The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Middle School Semester 2 Reports

This is a busy term in Teaching and Learning in the Middle School, as we prepare to report on your son's progress in Semester 2.

All our students set themselves academic goals early in Winter Term and the Semester 2 Report provides the boys with an opportunity to reflect on how far they have come towards achieving them. I have seen some very impressive gains in student results this semester, as the boys have committed themselves to their academic goals.

Whilst the Semester Reports include a graph that allows you to see where your son's results place him in the cohort, I would argue it is more valuable to view your son's results compared to his first semester. I encourage you to sit with your son to read the report together and take a moment to celebrate the academic successes he has had.

Semester 2 Reports will be finalised on Friday 8 December and will be released through Seqta Engage.

Mrs Sophie Berry
Dean of Teaching & Learning Middle School