The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

From the Head of Senior School

Scotch College has a number of core values; integrity, service and stewardship. In addition, there are a number of important qualities which we, as a community, promote; one of which is respect.

People often respect others who are impressive for some reason. We might say they have 'earnt our respect' due to a quality that we admire or consider important. However, this says more about us and what we consider important. Showing respect is a slightly different concept. I would like to suggest that respect is shown by being polite, kind and accepting of others; treating others in the same way you might hope to be treated. This is not a new concept. There is a command based on the words of Jesus and taken from the Sermon on the Mount; a collection of sayings and teachings of Jesus and found in the Gospel of Matthew. This command is, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Simply, treat people like you would like to be treated. I have also heard this saying extended to - treat others better than you would like to be treated; raising the expected standard of care and consideration for others.

Everything we do and say to others makes a statement about our regard for them. Demonstrating concern and support for individual difference sets the stage for communicating our respect for others. During our assemblies over the previous fortnight I have asked those assembled to take a moment to consider this and how we can 'do unto others', especially at busy and stressful times. Knowing we are in an environment where all are respected as individuals and respected for their contribution is something we should all desire and work towards. In this environment we all achieve more.

At Scotch College we promote making the most of opportunities, making a contribution and striving for personal excellence. It is wonderful to have an opportunity to acknowledge a breadth of personal achievements each week at assemblies. I spoke to the boys last week about respecting everyone's right to feel a sense of pride in these achievements and especially when representing the College.

During Summer Term we identify students who are representing the College in a First team or at the highest level of student competition through them wearing their winter uniform and blazer during marching each Friday. This is not just the case for sport; it is a distinction afforded students who are representing the College in a First team or at the highest level of student competition. At Scotch we understand the importance of balance and encourage boys to be well balanced young men. We do this by encouraging participation in sports through the PSA which is without a doubt a high level of competition. We also encourage participation in the numerous cultural co-curricular pursuits to which many boys commit their time, effort and considerable talents. Music, debating, mock trials and chess are just a few examples of such activities on offer at Scotch College. The level of skill and dedication required to compete and win competitions involving the very best students from schools across the state is equal in every regard to our commitment to the PSA sporting programme.

Recognising students for their strengths and commitment to the College within these opportunities is important and it goes without saying that it should be and is well respected. We will continue to appreciate these boys for their commitment and contribution to the College and their own example of personal excellence.

Mr Dean Shadgett
Head of Senior School