The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Year 4C News

The 4C boys have had a wonderful start to the year. Our first unit of inquiry was 'Who we are' and our central idea focused on human body systems and the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health. The boys thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of a doctor and researching a body system of their choice. They investigated the effects of acid on teeth using eggs and vinegar and made a delicious jelly concoction to model the components of blood.

The boys were fortunate to have parents come in to teach us about the body. Dr. Lovegrove taught the boys about the circulatory and respiratory systems through interactive activities. Dr. Herbert gave an interesting presentation about the ear, nose and throat and even showed a video from a tonsillectomy. Aidan McHenry and his mum explained how the ear works and highlighted the importance of taking care of our ears to reduce hearing loss. Finally, Robyn Hopkins visited to teach the boys about the positive effects of yoga and they were even able to participate in a relaxing yoga session.

To top our unit off, the boys presented a fantastic assembly item. They created skits to show the positive effects of different activities on the mind and body. The boys enjoyed acting as news reporters, yogis, meditators, walkers, musicians and even birdwatchers!

The boys have been extremely fortunate to take part in a creative learning workshop with Paul Collard at the Goods Sheds. They enjoyed meeting an 'alien' from the planet Titan and teaching him all about the human ways of life. The boys created a spaceship and made a list of things they would need on a trip to Titan. They even simulated the journey to Titan by running around the building three times while dodging 'asteroids'. It was an amazing experience for the boys and they look forward to completing the next workshop at the Goods Shed.

Finally, the boys dived into Visual Arts by visiting Sculpture by the Sea. The sculptures were incredible and Mrs Roche organised a wonderful workshop with Tereasa Trevor. The boys enjoying making a collaborative sculpture that was inspired by her work.

All in all, it has been a fantastic term in 4C and the boys can't wait to explore the wonders of space in our new unit of inquiry, 'How the world works'.

Miss Olivia Creagh
Year 4 Teacher