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Year 7.3GT: Skills, Concepts and the Learner Profile at Moray

In Week 8, Year 7.3GT and 7.4A travelled to Moray as part of our Outdoor Education Programme. Our Moray experience allowed us to improve and develop upon a variety of skills, many relating to our class' core values, such as communication, confidence and resilience. We realised we had to be persistent and patient with others, and the challenges we faced. We also greatly improved our collaborative abilities with the majority of the activities being based on individuals banding together to complete a task. One of the highlights of Moray is the opportunity to really get to know the students in 7.4A, resulting in many new friendships which will continue into the future.

A key concept that we addressed at Moray was sustainability, and we put this into practice through the building of simple worm farms out of empty milk cartons and the planting of tomato seeds in tin cans as a real-life example of a sustainability cycle.

The attributes of the learner profile were continually demonstrated in our actions at Moray. We were thinkers when planning the ergonomics of our rafts (raft building) and were knowledgeable when we managed to keep them afloat! We were risk takers when we tried climbing away from our comfort zones on the ropes course. We had to be effective communicators with our teammates to solve problems, follow instructions and work together throughout the activities.

While reflecting upon our experiences we realised that the Learner Profile attributes are applied anywhere, at any time, and our experience at Moray was a perfect example of this.

Ms Andrea Goodison & Ms Sarah Thomas
Year 7.3GT Homeroom Teachers