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Art News

On Wednesday 28 March, the Year 2 boys were invited to engage in an immersive workshop at FORM, with Paul Gorman. The workshop was intended to create community building experiences and promote collaboration, and also build skill development and promote lifelong learning. Paul Gorman trained a group of artists and musicians and invited them to develop an idea of how best to relate to the Year 2's current transdisciplinary theme 'How we Organise Ourselves' and link the central idea 'Public spaces may provide people with opportunities to make connections and established a sense of community'. Working in 4 smaller groups, the boys each built their own community from found recycled objects and were able to share and discuss their creations and experiences. The boys were very excited about the prospect of building their own communities and thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of working within a new creative space.

Mrs Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist