The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Love Angels

Last Friday evening the products of a lot of hard work went on sale at the first Love Angels Market Stall. In Jane Roche's art lessons Year 3 boys have been using mono printing of their dogs to create greeting cards. These were then printed with the generosity of the Constantine family. The name of the boy who made the card is on the back and most have a quote describing how they came to create their picture. The cards were a big hit and the boys raised a considerable amount of money which has been donated to Ros Worthington's Love Angels Project.

love angel cards

Felix Jones, Head of Student Council, made a speech at the event that outlined how Scotch College came to be associated with Love Angels and the resulting relationship that we have built with Maddington Primary School. The College's work with Maddington is having a great impact and the Year 3s efforts were warmly received. As one attendee I heard say, "if this is a reflection of the youth today, we are in good hands".

If you are interested in purchasing a set of cards, please email Pru Adams


Knitwits has started on a Thursday afternoon. All boys are encouraged to come along to learn a new skill and contribute to providing for those in need.

knitting club

Salvos Soup Run

Last Wednesday morning the College filled its first roster on The Salvation Army morning Soup Run in the City. Mrs Scott joined us as we prepared the van and headed to two locations in the city, just off Langley Park on Plain Street, and Wellington Square. The boys were brilliant at serving the homeless who visited the van and engaging with them as they would other citizens.

We have secured one morning a month on the roster and are using it as an opportunity for the boys who make soup on Tuesday afternoons to get out and see how their hard work pays off.

Women's Hearts

On Thursday 10 May, we welcomed Fiona Gardiner and Linda Bolton form The Heart Foundation to the Mother's Day Breakfast hosted by the Junior School. Linda spoke to the gathering about the dangers of heart disease, especially in women, and some of the things that Scotch College is doing to promote healthy hearts.

The College has entered an agreement with The Heart Foundation to help them promote their messages and to ensure we are doing all we can to prevent heart disease in our community. These initiatives include, equipping our students to encourage their families (particularly mothers) to take time out to look after their hearts, familiarising our students with signs of a heart attack, and where possible training our boys in CPR, and ensuring our defibrillation devices are on hand and in working order.

Students will also be educated on the importance of focusing on heart health from birth onwards, with heart disease now known to begin in childhood and teenage years.

Mr David Kyle
Director of Community and Service