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From the Head of Junior School

What Makes a Good Orator?

David Josiah Brewer wrote 'Oratory is a masterful art. Poetry, painting, music, sculpture, architecture please, thrill, inspire - but oratory rules. The orator dominates those who hear him, convinces their reason, controls their judgement, compels their action. For the time being, he is master.'

Over the last four weeks, the young men of Year 5 have been crafting and honing their speeches on a range of topics that have been presented to the boys in their class. Along the journey they developed their oratory skills, harnessed their anxiety and learned to present with style and confidence. The teachers in each Year 5 class had the challenging task of identifying the top three speakers to progress.

On Wednesday 13 June, the boys gathered in Memorial Hall for our annual JS Speakers' Challenge. The excitement was palpable as the boys gathered for what they knew would be an hour of being intrigued, engaged and entertained. The nine finalists spoke on a range of topics and did themselves proud as they bravely stood before their peers and articulated their thoughts and ideas. Each topic was different and each boy delivered his speech from the heart with charisma and confidence. The topics included:

Student's Name

Title of Speech

Euan Byars (5A)

Why cats purr and what goes on in their mind

Joshua Cook (5A)

How muscles work

Rafferty McDonald (5A)

Pranks on teachers

Heath Arbuckle (5L)

Horrible histories

Alexander Fine (5L)

Genetically modified humans

Caden Hart (5L)

Inside the mind of a young boy

William Arundel (5W)

The holy encyclopaedia of chicken nuggets

Abel Algie (5W)

Lexical ambiguity

Oliver Knuckey (5W)

Journey of constipation

Our three judges were challenged to determine the finalists and establish the top three speakers. Congratulations to our three champions Abel Algie, William Arundel and Caden Hart who will represent the College at the IPSHA Speakers' Challenge on Wednesday 27 June.

I want to thank our brave young men for taking the risk and presenting their speeches to our school community and wish them every success on 27 June.

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School