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C'est délicieux!

Throughout Summer Term, boys in Year 8 French based their learning around the unit of 'en ville', in which they learned how to ask for different products in shops and to understand the reply from the shopkeeper. They finished first term with 'on fait des projets' in which they learned about different countries, nationalities and travelling by various means of transport.

The boys started Autumn Term with the unit 'de jour en jour' which focused learning on comparing schools in France and Australia as well as language learning about school subjects and the school day. The final unit was 'en famille' where the boys learned how to describe themselves and others.

As the boys start to think about their upcoming unit of French cuisine, some classes have already had the opportunity to combine their French learning with that of their Food Design learning. After learning: about the history of crêpes; how they are made and vocabulary linked to crêpes with their French teacher, the boys then made their own batter and crêpes with their Food Design teacher.

All boys agreed that the crêpes were 'délicieux'!

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Mdm Shaye Pett
Middle School French Teacher