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Year 4T News

A Visit by Mark Greenwood

The Year 4 boys have recently embarked on a literary unit of inquiry under the How The World Works theme. The boys have read an abundance of myths, especially of a Greek nature, researched real-life legends, both past and present, and considered the impact of their stories on our culture and values.

To support the direction of our learning, we invited renowned history hunter, Mark Greenwood to speak with the boys. He enjoys searching for long lost explorers, glittering treasure, solving famous cold cases and delving into Australian history's most baffling mysteries.

Mr Greenwood shared the spark that fueled the fire for many of his books and taught the lads that writing is simply talking on paper. The boys made a 'sloppy copy', entitled, My Book of Curiosities, which demonstrated how simple it was to generate ideas. Mr Greenwood also encouraged the boys to find objects or treasures that fascinated them and then to explore the story of each curious thing. The boys were mesmerized for the duration of the event and walked away enthused by the mysteries Mr Greenwood imparted.

After such inspiration, we encourage every boy in Year 4 to pop into the Scotch Library, borrow some of Mr Greenwood's books and invest some warm winter moments in his amazing and legendary stories.

Mrs Rebecca Turkich
Year 4 Teacher