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5A News

For our Unit of Inquiry last term, Sharing the Planet, the central idea was biodiversity relied on maintaining the interdependent balance of organisms within systems. As a result of this, the whole class became obsessed with the decomposer, fungi. Everywhere we turn there is a fungi spore ready to act and decompose, bringing a balance to our world. The boys turned into journalists and took pictures, made videos, keynote presentations all to document the wonder of fungi.

Following from this unit we are now exploring How the World Works, which ties in nicely with our last Unit. The boys have been investigating different states of matter and their properties. This week they focused on how a liquid and a gas can come together to make a solid one, in particular, is called plastic.

Plastic, plastic, plastic has become Year 5A new obsession. What do we do in a world full of plastic, where there is no natural decomposer like the fungi. How can remove this thing we have created that is now filling our oceans, land and even space? How can supermarkets stop giving out free plastic bags to charging for a more heavy-duty bag, which will cause more havoc in our waterways? The wonder questions the boys have been looking into and researching are making some environmental aware children. Watch this space to see where they will take their new-found knowledge and act upon it.


Mrs Fiona Alexander
Year 5 Teacher