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French News

Bonjour everyone! Have you ever thought that French sounds like quite a musical language? Well, 5A decided to put this to the test by singing a French song for their assembly item with Madame Vinton this week. The song - La Nuit - came from the beautiful French film, "Les Choristes", translated as 'The Choir'. It is a 2004 film, remaking a much older French film from the 1940s and hence is set in that time period. It follows the story of a teacher working in a difficult boys' boarding school who tries to reach out to his badly behaved pupils through teaching them to sing. We knew it was an ambitious endeavour, as the original film was nominated for an Oscar and the singers from the film went on tour afterwards, but through sustained practice and hard work, the words started to flow freely. We knew we were getting close when the 5A classroom teacher, Mrs Alexander, said our French singing gave her goosebumps! The song is broken into two versus, the first of which we all sang, the second, sung by a select group of 11 confident singers who carried it alone. Our audience got to see a portion of the film which we sung along to, and the response to this beautiful piece of music and the wonderful voices of 5A was pretty spectacular. If you missed it, why not look for a clip online and have a listen. Our boys really are as gifted as the singers in the film. Fantastique! Au revoir.

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Madame Vinton
French Specialist