The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

8.5M Being Balanced

Scotch College hopes to develop well-balanced young men who can manage the competing pressures of daily life and the curve balls life throws us. Over the past couple of months, the boys in 8.5M have been implementing some strategies for keeping balanced. Mindful body breathing has helped students relax and increase alertness, ready to focus on learning tasks. Likewise, mindful colouring has formed a favourite part of their tool box for focusing on the present and encouraging positive thoughts.


8.5M boys have also committed to reading more for pleasure to promote wellbeing. Getting outdoors and into nature forms another integral part of staying balanced and the boys were lucky enough to enjoy a trip to Moray at the end of last term, camping out under the trees for the best part of a week.  For some, outdoor work continued into the holidays as they undertook the service action component of their Community Project.  For three boys it was sweeping, pruning and weeding for the elderly.  For others it was refurbishing cricket bats for a remote community north east of Perth. These kinds of activities where our students are able to use their abilities to fulfil a need in the community also help them to become well-balanced young men with greater perspective on life.

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Mrs Mia Sullivan
Year 8.5M Homeroom Teacher