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7.1W - Friday Afternoons have never been so good!

In Week 5 of Winter Term, we pause for a few weeks on Friday afternoons and take a break from PSA Sport. In Year 7, boys have had an opportunity to participate in activities that perhaps they would not ordinarily try.  From Yoga, Meditation and Konga to cultural experiences at the WA Art Gallery. We also participated in a Nyungar cultural heritage tour around Lake Claremont with Nev Collard and service opportunities with Coastcare and Friends of Lake Claremont.

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In 7.1W we were the first to try out Yoga, Meditation and Konga last Friday. Sacha, our yoga teacher, explained to the boys the benefits of yoga on their body and their mind. She held them captivated for 40 minutes, which is a very long time on a Friday afternoon!  Helen our meditation teacher radiated calm and lemongrass as she led the boys through a calming and relaxing meditation using eye pillows and blankets. Clare then came in with Konga and got the boys working up a sweat with some strong beats and high energy cardio moves.


These activities are great opportunities and fun at the same time!

Mrs Karen Woods
7.1W Homeroom Teacher