The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Matipwili Report

I would like to give another big thanks to all those who supported the 2018 Tanzania Tour. A full report into the work done at Matipwili and how the funds raised were used is at this link. Due to the time and generosity of the Scotch College and PLC communities, we were able to purchase a lot of resources and still have some funding left over. Thank you!

Year 10 Friday Service

On Friday afternoon I presented to all Year 10 boys on the worth of the Friday Afternoon Service Programme. The boys were outstanding and have all written reflections on their time spent in the programme. I encourage all Year 10 parents to look on Parent Connect to read what their son had to say.

This Friday is the last for the year and the boys are reminded that they must get their Personal Project submission organised before lunchtime so that they are ready to go at 1.00pm.

I also spoke to the boys about two opportunities in 2019 and about logging their service hours on the schools Community and Service website. This contributes to their school record and must be completed by them.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Adventurous Journey to the Abrolhos Islands is likely to run in the first week of the April holidays. This video gives an insight into the trip though is from a number of years ago.

The 2019 Round Square Global Conference will be at the Emerald Heights School in India in early October 2019. They have not released their promotional video yet and I will send out more information as it comes to hand.

If you and your son are interested in either of these opportunities, please let me know as soon as possible.

Year 8 Community Project

The Year 8 Community Project Showcase is on Wednesday night and it will be good to celebrate the wonderful work of the Year 8s. A few of the boys featured in last week's Post newspaper. Great shot guys!


Pleasing feedback on the work of the boys in the community has been consistently trickling in for many months. Another example was last week the coordinator of The Salvation Army was at Scotch College collecting funds raised by Keys House and Shearer House. Bret was telling me how delighted he was to have some Year 8 boys do some work for their Community Project and what a credit they have been to the College.

Mr David Kyle
Director of Community and Service