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1G News

What an exciting and fun time we have had in Winter Term!

During the term, the boys learnt about animals, how they live and how their needs are met.

They have been thrilled to have silkworms in the classroom to observe which gave the boys the responsibilities associated with owning and looking after a pet. We watched with excitement as the eggs hatched and were amazed at how fast they were growing. The boys cannot wait to see what comes next…

Like Sir David Attenborough, we enjoyed our many adventures during Bush School. We had the opportunity to experience the weather and the animals that call Lake Claremont home at this time of the year. Towards the end of term, the boys saw swans and ducks nesting and were lucky enough to see a mother swimming with her cygnets.

The boys had a wonderful excursion to the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre to see the production of 'The Night Zoo' and were mesmerised by the amazing puppets. The excursion was related to our transdisciplinary theme 'Sharing the Planet. It was a wonderful way for the boys to learn the important connection between people and animals living together on earth.

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Mrs Kristen Gray
Year 1 Teacher