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5W News

The boys are nearing the final weeks of their PYP Exhibition with the transdisciplinary theme being 'Who We Are'. Students have been working hard throughout the process. This process included the students developing their own burning question related to our central idea, creating guiding questions using the key concepts to guide their research, researching and taking notes, writing up their draft and the good copy of their reports and finally creating a statement piece to illustrate their understanding of their research. The boys have been using their time-management and organisation skills appropriately, to ensure that they are finished on time.

Some of their inquiries include looking at bacteria, viruses, disease, genes, global warming, space, evolution and cultural understandings. Below are some photos of the boys working on their statement piece so far.

img_0879.jpg img_0883.jpg img_0890-2.jpg

Recently, during English, the boys wrote a couple of pieces of poetry related to 'Who We Are', which was fun and engaging and also went alongside our exhibition unit. Some of their final products can be seen below also.

presentation-16.001-1.jpeg presentation-26.001.jpeg

We welcome the wider community to visit the Year 5 PYP Exhibition on Wednesday 7 November at 5pm in MacKellar Hall.

Mr Andrew Wells
Year 5 Teacher