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Pre-Primary News  

Our final Unit of Inquiry in Pre-primary for the 2018 academic year is 'How We Express Ourselves', the central idea is 'Understanding how our feelings help us to express and communicate'. The Pre-Primary boys have been highly engaged in all of the experiences incorporated into this unit. We welcomed REmida into the ELC in October to deliver an incursion which proved to be exceptional. The boys were presented with an array of loose parts and sent on a quest to make a puppet, adding character and expression. It was an open-ended experience that promoted exploration and creativity. It was made ever so challenging for the boys as there was a 'no glue' 'no sticky tape' rule. After much trial and error and problem-solving we ended up with some pretty impressive puppets that the boys were extremely proud of.

Throughout this unit, we have also had the opportunity to explore some of the most inspirational and much-loved picture books. One of the favourites has been 'Silly Billy' by Anthony Browne. This story inspired the Pre-Primary boys to create their very own worry dolls. There was an endless amount of research done and some important designs and sketches before the boys gathered the materials to create these delicate figurines.

During Spring Term, the boys have gradually been transitioning to the Junior School. It has been an exciting process. It is a big step in the Pre-Primary boys' educational journey as they prepare to finish their time in the ELC. They are all ready and eager to become Year 1 students and of course, spend some time at the extremely popular Pirate Ship!

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Mrs Tracy O'Shea
Pre-Primary Teacher