The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Teaching and Learning 2018

Although we know that Year 12 is just the pointy end of a long journey, celebrating the success of our 2018 Leavers was certainly a highlight. We recognised both individual achievement and class performance as outlined in the Class of 2018 Bulletin. The analysis proved very rewarding as expectations of the year group were exceeded on a number of measures. The average score for a Diploma student reached an all-time high and the percentage of students with an ATAR over 90 continues to climb, as we strive to maximise boys' potential. Moving forward, teachers over the coming weeks will be examining performance and reviewing last year's strategies.  Furthermore, teachers consider new approaches to implement into classrooms so the Leavers of 2019 will benefit from our longitudinal studies. This process is significant to informing and updating teaching and learning delivered at the college; the strategies bring important incremental changes that we anticipate will enhance individual performance and classroom engagement. Essentially, the way our teachers understand and interpret data is an important process that we value at the College. In our experience, this is the difference between delivering great education and being a leader in our practice.

Throughout the College from K - 12, one of our strengths is the synergy we create between teacher and student who work together to achieve learning goals. Students, like teachers, also search for that small change that will value add as they embrace the challenges of each year. Perhaps it is a new approach to homework, asking questions in class or considering carefully how to implement the feedback given by their teacher.  It is with this growth mindset, by student and teacher alike, that builds a culture in which we can all thrive. The role of the teacher is to understand and help students drive personal improvement. The role of the student is full commitment towards achieving their academic potential. So, although Year 12 remains important, success is attained when the ground work has been built over many years.  Developing effective habits of learning allows boys to understand their strengths and create opportunities for growth. It is for this reason we have a K – 12 focus for Teaching and Learning.

Continuing priorities developed in consultation with the Deans of Teaching and Learning in each sub-school are:

  • Ongoing Feedback
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Differentiation

Throughout the coming Thistle articles I will explore the priorities in more detail. I look forward to sharing both insights and stories of your boys as they continue their Scotch College journey.

Mrs Cara Fugill
Director of Teaching and Learning