The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

The Wellbeing Programme in 8.2

This term the boys of 8.2 have been introduced to breathing and meditation techniques during the Wellbeing Programme.  We discussed that arguably one of the most underestimated muscles in our body is the diaphragm.  Despite not being able to see this muscle, the diaphragm plays an important role in the breathing process and in structural mechanics such as posture.  Rarely do we think about breathing, so to spend some time focussing on this vital process was enlightening for the boys.  They appreciated the vast complexity of the human respiratory system and this linked well to our current Science topic of Human Biology.

We have also discussed the need to be mindful and patient; finding a balance with screen time in this ever increasing technological world in which we live.  It is some of the small things, such as appreciating family time at the dinner table, observing nature and engaging in personal interactions to name a few, that can bring personal fulfilment.

We also discussed the range of common emotions that we feel in a busy day to day environment and the need to talk to others and never feel that we have to bottle up our worries and concerns.  To help bring a sense of calm into the classroom we have used essential oils as an invigorating way of being present and appreciating nature's gifts through chest (shallow) and deep (belly) breathing in the classroom.  The boys have been open-minded with their approaches towards mindfulness and appeared to enjoy the togetherness of the Homeroom.  Hopefully with a consistent approach to the Wellbeing Programme, the boys of 8.2 can start to focus on some small changes to make long-term healthier habits.


Mr Toby Robinson
8.2 Homeroom Teacher