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Deputy Head of Junior School

What Makes A Great Leader?

At the beginning of every new school year, the Year 5 cohort have newly elected Semester 1 Captains. This year, all 35 of these Year 5 boys were ready and waiting for their appointed tasks and were keen to take on the responsibilities of the various roles in their appointed captain's position. The boys have made an exceptional start, with a great number of these Year 5 boys understanding what is expected of them and thus far have been eager every step of the way.

Leadership is influence, and these boys experience this every day at Scotch College whether they display it or grow from it. I watch the boys in class, in the playground and in the various events they participate in throughout the year. They encourage those reluctant to have a go, they help each other out and I can see they want to make a difference, and this influences all who are around them.

To date the Year 5 House Captains have reviewed house chants, lead their teams in the Inter-house Swimming Carnival, house chant meetings and they meet regularly to ensure that they are underway and on target for 2019. The Specialist Captains have also met regularly and are beginning to plan events they want to host, as well as report back to the school community at our performance assemblies. All of the Semester 1 Specialist and House Captains have met with the Year 12 Captains and have taken the opportunity to share their leadership journeys to date, talking about the similarities and differences between the Junior and Senior School leadership positions.

At the yLead conference last Friday, all the Year 5 boys participated.  They learnt how to be the best they can possibly be, they promoted and shared positive energy, became aware of their personal strengths, found ways to work as a team and found the courage to try new things. I am looking forward to watching the boys over the coming year to see how the skills they learnt throughout the conference and the influences around them from other boys, help mould them to become strong and productive leaders.

Boys at their Captains Meeting

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Boys at their yLead Conference

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Year 5/12 Leadership Morning

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Miss Penny Hooper
Deputy Head of Junior School
(Administration and Pastoral Care)