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French News

Bonjour everyone!

Do you ever wonder if there are real-life situations in which you can use your French? Well, we found just such a situation when we invited guests from Romily House to visit us here at school for a French morning tea in March. The boys from 3S and 3W took their French usage out of the classroom and put it to use welcoming our neighbours, the residents of Romily House – a sheltered accommodation facility on Shenton Road – to a French morning tea. Residents arrived at 11.00am, where they were welcomed with a song and a performance of our most recent role-play: "Le bebe est perdu!" (The baby is lost!) about a baby that is mistakenly picked up on a bus. It allowed the boys to use all of their family vocabulary as each family member was interviewed as part of the investigation. After the performance, our boys asked Romily House guests if they wanted tea, coffee, milk, sugar or a biscuit, all in French. Romily House guests had been practicing "oui", "non" and "merci" for their responses. Once the tea and coffee had been served, we brought out the checkers boards, to teach our guests checkers and challenge them to a game which went down a treat. It was a wonderful opportunity for our Year 3 students to embrace members of their community, to build links to their classroom UOI, and to use their French with a brand new audience. Bravo 3S and 3W on your language skills and your kind, welcoming acceptance of our guests, who loved the experience. Au revoir!

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Madame Vinton
French Specialist