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Never Stop Reading Together…

Reading is a fundamental skill your child will use throughout their life but research from Edith Cowan University literacy expert Dr Margaret Merga indicates that around half of all parents stop reading aloud with their child once their child is perceived to be an independent reader.

Sharing stories and reading aloud with your child at any age strengthens their skills in reading, writing and comprehension. It also builds their confidence and sense of security and creates special bonding time and memories that you and your son will cherish. Whilst reading a novel or picture book sends you on a magical journey together, reading for information such as asking your son to read the newspaper aloud as you are cooking or having breakfast, reading a recipe or manual together as you construct are equally valuable reading and comprehension experiences.

The Education Department provides practical tips and factsheets to parents on supporting their child's reading journey on their website: Never Stop Reading

The Scotch Junior Middle Library is open from 7:40 am until 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. All members from the Scotch Community are welcome to come and borrow. We hope to see you in our space very soon to borrow a book to share with your children.

Mrs Kathryn Salt
Junior School Teacher-Librarian