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Year 5L News

The Year 5L boys had a wonderful time at Camp Moray prior to the holidays.  They took part in a wide variety of activities that challenged their collaboration skills, physical skills and knowledge of their environment and connection to the land.  They participated in orienteering which allowed them the opportunity to get-to-know the campsite and to begin to use a compass for direction. One of the highlights of the camp was rafting. The boys were responsible for getting everyone safely down the river and back again with quite a few splashes on the way and maybe a man or two overboard. It was great fun and both Dr O'Connell and Mr Stewart enjoyed the opportunity to share this experience with them.  The boys learned about stargazing and dreamtime stories as well as inquiring into the plant and animal life in and around the camp.  They were thoroughly exhausted on their return to school but powered their way through the next few days, reflecting on their experiences and considering ways to improve Moray for the future. The boys used their learning in maths to design new spaces for Moray in Planner 5D, an app that allows them to build architectural structures.  There were so many carefully considered and sustainable ideas which they will present to Dr O'Connell this term.

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Ms Irene Louden
Year 5 Teacher