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Why Audition For A School Production?

Being involved in a drama production is an enriching process, one which develops resilience and challenges students to commit wholeheartedly to an intensive rehearsal schedule.  The Worry Warts cast explored patience, had to think outside the box and worked collaboratively to produce a performance as close to a professional standard as possible.

As Director for the Year 6-7 Production, it was my pleasure to cultivate the growth and learning of each member of the cast as they navigated such a rich task.  I feel confident that this production is something each of them will cherish as they continue on their school journey.  I highly encourage all students to audition for a school production and have the courage to commit to a unique opportunity outside their everyday experiences.

I think that the best part of being in the school production is having the chance to do something you love while still having a good time with your mates.  Harry Osborne (7.1)

I was able have such a great experience and I knew had to try my best because lots of other people would have loved to have a role in the production.  Benjamin Pritchard (6.4)

I felt honoured to take part in a Scotch play.  The fact that I had this chance with my friends was opulent, exciting and the best part of being in the school production.  Guy Teissier (7.5)

The best thing about being in the 2019 school production of 'Worry Warts' was the team building.  I now have friends in Year 6 and Year 8, and I would have never become friends with them if I hadn't taken this magnificent opportunity.  This kind of bonding is really fun, and helps all of us work better while acting together.  Alastair Walker (7.1)

The Worry Warts production was an experience that taught me what is essential in a production.  The process included ups and downs, creating characters, meeting new friends and it also helped me feel more confident!  Xavier Balnaves (7.1)

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Mrs Emma Cooper
Middle School Drama Teacher