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Middle School Music

Year 6 Music Programme

Summer Term saw the rolling out of all the concert band instruments for all of the Year 6 boys.  The boys have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments during class time such as the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass guitar and percussion.  The saxophone is a new welcome addition to the Year 6 Band Programme. The programme focuses on developing the boys' skills on their chosen instrument as well as their ensemble skills.  The focus this term is to start preparing the boys to perform more complex repertoire that involves melodic and harmonic parts.  They will perform repertoire such as canons, duets and simple band arrangements.  The Year 6 boys are working towards their showcase concert in Winter Term.

Year 7 General Music

The Year 7 General Music boys have been exploring a large variety of music creation options including acoustic guitars, electronic music software and are now embarking on the new MusicEDU DJ course. This course gives the boys the opportunity to learn how to mix like a professional DJ using iPads whilst learning the elements of music such as rhythm and texture, two very important fundamentals of today's music.


Year 7 Extension

The Year 7 Music Extension students have travelled around the world and learned about the music from a variety of countries.  They have investigated the culture, traditional instruments and the musical styles of their chosen country.  This term there is a big focus on composing and performing which builds on the theory and practical skills that they acquired during Summer Term.

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Year 8 General Music

This year started off well for the boys who chose the Year 8 General Music pathway with over 40 involved this semester working towards improving their skills in contemporary music performance, composition and recording.  The boys have formed groups and are currently demonstrating their skills they have developed for their Criterion B Performance Task.  An eclectic mix of tastes resulted in a range of performances from acoustic guitar renditions of Auld Lang Syne right through to Alternative Rock sounds of The Cranberries' Zombie.

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Year 8 Music Extension

Last term the Year 8 boys studied the different styles of music from various historical eras ranging from Baroque, Classical, Romantic to the music that we hear today.  This term they have begun work on their first composition for the term which features a solo instrument accompanied by a chordal instruments such as the piano or guitar.  The boys are also preparing for their upcoming performance assessment with group and individual performances.

Middle School Scotch Rocks

Middle School Rock Band "Scotch Rocks" directed by Mr Rob Spence and Mr Adrian Hicks is developing well this semester with the boys now working through their second Heavy Rock tune, The White Stripes' biggest hit, Seven Nation Army. These boys are looking forward to performing at assembly, lunchtime concerts and other opportunities later on in the year.  Watch this space!

Ms Jenny Sullivan and Mr Adrian Hicks
Middle School Music Teachers