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8.4 The Power of Mystery

Neil Armstrong summarises our natural curiosity we explore through Science; "Mystery creates wonder, and wonder is the basis of a man's desire to understand."

Through our Biology unit, the class of 8.4 have embraced this wonder and natural curiosity to question and develop an understanding on a range of topics which were once considered mysteries, such as the cell and how the heart works.  The boys particularly enjoyed working collaboratively and creatively to develop these new understandings.  Building animal cells out of clay, creating stop motion videos to outline the phases of mitosis, and dissecting different parts of the circulatory and respiratory systems, were some of the highlights of the unit.

8.4-1.jpg  8.4-2.jpg

As we move forward into Earth and Space Science, students are exploring the topic of rocks, minerals and mining.  The boys were enthusiastic to step into the shoes of a miner and extract valuable chocolate chips out of cookies.  They also managed to resist the temptation to eat the cookie before completing the activity!


As the boys continue to question the world around us, this natural curiosity is crucial not only in Science, but for future development as a society.  What does that future hold?  Well that is a mystery!


Miss Rochelle Gaudieri
8.4 Homeroom Teacher