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Walking for awareness

On Friday, it was the second time that the Scotch and PLC Junior Schools have joined forces to raise awareness around the scarcity of water in much of the developing world. See John Stewart's article below.

The event was organised and run by the Year 11 IB Community Action Service classes from both PLC and Scotch College and it was brilliant to see these students organising the younger students and explaining to them the purpose of the event.

After walking around the Lake on Friday and then riding around it on Sunday, I was reminded of how fortunate we are to have such a pristine natural environment, literally on our boundary. It is important to remember that the Lake was not always like this and it has taken a huge amount of hard work to return it to such a healthy environment. The College has supported the work of Friends of Lake Claremont through the Year 10 Friday Service Programme and other initiatives such as the Early Learning Bush School. Below are some photos of Year 10 boys making nesting platforms that are placed in the lake. There are also photos from the Anderson House clean-up last month.

img_0751.jpg img_0752.jpg img_0753.jpg

img_0754.jpg img_0755.jpg

The Friends of Lake Claremont are always looking for volunteers and hold monthly busy bees on the second Sunday of the month, starting at 8.00am.

Tanzania 2020 Information Evening

On Wednesday 12 June there will be an information evening for the Tanzania Service Tour in July 2020. Scotch College and PLC have been visiting the village of Matipwili since 2005 and the relationship is as strong as ever. There will be more information to come but, in the meantime, feel free to click here for an insight into previous tours.