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Differentiate yourself

As the year rapidly progresses, our young men are applying for university, seeking casual employment, and beginning to think about scholarships and being accepted into residential colleges. With this in mind, requests for academic transcripts and records of achievements and awards increase too. The boys are increasingly aware of the statistics around the use of the ATAR* and the need to differentiate themselves. And of course, Scotch College staff are always more than happy to oblige and do everything we can to project the young man we have come to know and the reasons why he should be accepted or appointed.

But there is more your son can do!   

All Year 12 students have been sent an email explaining to them how to log their Service and Citizenship commitments and reminding them that this is something they must prepare for now, not at the last minute later in the year.  Please visit the Service and Citizenship website to see the link to the Service log which links to their Service Record.

Another way that students should consider being prepared for future applications and interviews is by completing their Duke of Ed. The Award is celebrating its 60th  birthday and is as relevant as ever. This recent article in Australian Geographic outlines the worth of the Award. Note that the Headmaster mentioned, Kurt Hahn, is also the founder of Round Square of which Scotch College is a proud global member. We know the Award is widely recognised and speaks universally of commitment and breadth of experiences.

Encourage your son to explore this link and be prepared for the university application period that will arrive quickly.     

* Statistics show that less than one in four students use an ATAR score to enter university and this has dropped from one in three in 2014, so the trend is clear.   

Tanzania 2020

The information evening for Tanzania 2020 is on Monday 17 June at 6.30pm in Memorial Hall.

For an insight into the 2018 experience have a look at this video and the website which has the 2018 Tour Report and an insight into the work undertaken in Matipwili. PLC and Scotch have built a relationship with Matipwili since 2004 and we are extremely proud to be able to offer a service experience that has been ongoing (or “continuation” as the letter read in the video says) and is built on mutual benefits and well-established relationships.  

The tour is aimed at 2020 Year 11 and 12 students and their parents, but all are welcome to attend.  

Rocky Bay and Scotch College featured on Channel 7’s Today Tonight

Last week, Scotch College and Rocky Bay were featured on Channel 7's Today Tonight. We are proud of the relationship we have built with Rocky Bay and Malcolm Burgess in particular. Our boys always leave the sessions with great awareness and feeling inspired by his determination to share his story.  Watch the video here.