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Pre-Kindy 3 News

As we approach the last few weeks of Semester One, we can reflect on some of the experiences and the journey of learning the Pre-Kindergarten students have embarked on since their introduction to life at school. Our unit of inquiry for this semester has been 'Who We Are' with our central idea focusing on 'Learning Who I am'.

Through our exploration of self-identity, we implemented a range of experiences which have included self-portraits using natural materials that we gathered from one of nature outings.  Back in the classroom the boys took responsibility for their own learning as they carefully picked through the pile of natural materials which included sticks, flowers, bark and leaves. We talked about how we could use these beautiful resources to help portray an image of what we think we could look like, using an alternative to our everyday art pieces. Using natural resources allowed the boys to work through trial and error, curiosity and creativity as they spent time arranging pieces which reflected them as individuals. Experimenting with these resources opens a door to creative thinking, as it promotes endless opportunities of self-expression through a range of pieces. It becomes an open-ended learning experience with no restrictions, therefore, children find themselves peacefully engaged in a social experience, where communication and emotional intelligence becomes vital as they communicate their ideas through play relying on social contact and conversation as they ponder, ask questions, share opinions and wonder.

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Mrs Tracey O'Shea
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher