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6.2 Is An Energised Classroom

Have you ever wondered how electricity flows?  Do you know the differences between conducting materials and insulating materials?  What about, how does moving air and water create electricity?  Well the 6.2 class can confidently answer all of these questions and more thanks to their recent hands-on, inquiry based approach to their iLearn lessons.

Boys have really enjoyed making a variety of electrical series and parallel circuits and discovering all about negatively charged particles called electrons and how they flow from the outer shell of one atom to the outer shell of another.  6.2 students were also fortunate to spend a day at PLC recently and enjoyed racing miniature F1 cars and learning all about how they are powered and what makes them move.

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In addition to this, boys have been using the Stile App on their iPads to think critically about the world-wide use of sustainable and unsustainable forms of energy and have begun to form their own opinion of their personal vision for Australia's energy future.

Some alternative sources of energy that the class have really enjoyed learning about include Hydro-electric power plants, Wind Farms and Geothermal Energy.  Individually, students have been thinking critically about whether sustainable energy sources are more effective than unsustainable energy sources and whether Australia, as a nation, has a moral obligation to rely more on renewable energy sources.

Mr Michael Campbell
6.2 Homeroom Teacher