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A diverse, vibrant and connected network

As the Headmaster has written above, the College’s Round Square membership allows us to be a part of a global network and in recent weeks this has meant visitors from all over the world, including staff from Nauru and the United States. The diversity of experiences and knowledge that they bring gives our staff and students an insight into different ways of approaching schooling and allows us to question why we do things and if we are doing them for the right reasons. These staff are also able to take away what they discover at Scotch and hopefully implement some of our approaches when they return to their schools.  

Simon Walker, a history teacher, boarding house master and Round Square representative at Fountain Valley School in Colorado has been visiting the College. Simon is staying in boarding, has been coaching rugby and assisting in a number of senior school classes. Previously Simon has taught at the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut and prior to that at schools in the United Kingdom so he brings a wealth of experience and insights.

Simon’s impressions of Scotch have been of great benefit to both boarding and academic staff. He had no idea of the extent of the mandated curriculum requirements in Australia which is a complete contrast to the academic anonymity in independent schools in the United States.  

Simon said, “it has been a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in the rich traditions and culture of such a prestigious institution. I am excited to return to Colorado with numerous examples of best practice and different styles and methods of pedagogy”. This week Simon will visit Moray and drop in and see exchange students he has at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School and Ivanhoe College in Melbourne.  

Another recent visitor is the Principal at Nauru College, Sharina Deiye. Sharina spent a week shadowing Year 6 teacher Justin Shaw in the Middle School.

While here, Sharina began working on a project that she and Justin will both deliver to their respective classes and we are hoping to continue to seek opportunities to collaborate in the future. Justin will also spend a week in Nauru later this year and get an insight into the environment that Sharina and her staff work in. No doubt Justin will be able to contribute to the school and also bring back some ideas and insights for our Middle School.

Dr O’Connell noted that Priyank Nahata left us on Friday after spending six weeks at Scotch. Priyank was staying with Simon Arnott’s family and attends Daly College in Indore, India. Simon will travel to India to stay with Priyank in September. And today, we have welcomed Luke Brown from St Stithians College near Johannesburg in South Africa. Luke is staying with Lachlan Watters’ family and Lachie will travel to South Africa in August.  

Being a member of Round Square gives the College access to a vibrant and connected network and we are fortunate to have such diversity in our visitors. While our exchange programs and student trips and tours give many of our boy’s global experiences, having people to our campus impacts everyone and ensures our whole community benefits.

Below is a photo of Priyank Nahata with the guitar he made in his Product Design class.


REMINDER - The Tanzania 2020 Information Evening is tonight at 6.30pm in Memorial Hall 

For an insight into the 2018 experience please view the 2018 highlights video and the website which has the 2018 Tour Report and an insight into the work undertaken in Matipwili. PLC and Scotch have built a relationship with Matipwili since 2004 and we are extremely proud to be able to offer a service experience that has been ongoing (or “continuation” as the letter read in the video says) and is built on mutual benefits and well-established relationships.  

The tour is aimed at 2020 Year 11 and 12 students and their parents, but all are welcome to attend.