The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

From the Head of Middle School

Last week we celebrated our connection to the Uniting Church and the concept of being united with a Chapel in the City excursion.  The Wesley Church on the corner of Hay and William Street built in 1870 with a capacity for 360 worshippers was our venue.  So, on a grey, wet, wintery day it was our Year 7 and 8 students who gathered in one of Perth's oldest churches and with our own Chaplain, readers and musicians we enjoyed and joined in a very thoughtful and moving service that reminded us of the strength and importance of being united.

The respect, attentiveness and the appreciation of the setting and the occasion by all of our students made me very proud.  On a day that delivered so much rain, we then walked the 1 ½ km from the Wesley Church to Northbridge under clear skies to watch the movie 2040, itself an uplifting look at how working together and being united can solve many of the significant dilemmas we face as a society.  Today's Thistle is a series of photos from a very memorable Chapel in the City excursion.


Reverend Wall in front of the 150 year old stained glass windows of the Wesley Church


Year 8 boys in the upper gallery


Zephyr, Kolbi and Karl who delivered the readings and Acknowledgement to Country


In Men's Health Week it was former Headmaster Rev Syme who delivered the homily on the importance of looking after ourselves


The musicians who played the items: Stand By Me and True Colours


Year 7 boys and teachers in the main gallery with a plaque in the background commemorating John Hardy who arrived in 1830 and who, for four years, delivered the open air church services under a jarrah tree near the present day site of the church.