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Respect & Resilience in 8.6

Prior to Week 8 all but two Homerooms had made the journey to Dwellingup for a week long Year 8 camp at Moray, 8.6 being one of those two.  Given the torrential downpours that lingered over Moray the week preceding our arrival, we were prepared for anything but we were blessed with sunny skies and crisp mornings.

8.6-1.jpg  8.6-2.jpg

Activities such as the high ropes course, canoeing, orienteering, and camping kept the boys busy over the week-long camp with a respectful, inclusive manner exhibited by all.  I particularly enjoyed hearing and participating in affective empathetic conversations when the entire group or members of the group were being tasked to move out of their comfort zones (think high ropes, white water rapids and thoughts or being away from home).  The resilience shown by all members in 8.6 became a consistent theme during the camp and the Outdoor Education staff were only too happy to sing the boys praise.  A credit to all involved.

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Moray will quickly turn into a distant memory, until their next trip to Dwellingup in Year 9 for another week-long adventure camp.  We are looking forward to the final six months of 2019 together.

Mr Scott Siekierka
8.6 Homeroom Teacher