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All About French


In Year 6, some Phase 1 and 2 boys have received responses to their letters sent to the French soldiers based in Jordan.  They had sent support letters in French last year in time for Christmas; and the soldiers have taken the time to answer most of them.  The boys were ecstatic to be reading the responses, all in French, from their pen pal. Some answers were very long with photos, and others were much shorter.


Year 6 and 7 boys were invited along to the Alliance Française Film Festival in March and what a great turn out we had!  The boys loved seeing what kind of new adventures Astérix and Obélix were getting themselves into this time around!

We have had another very successful year at the Alliance Française Poem Recitation Competition with four boys invited to the final round: Heath Arbuckle (6.4), Alexander Fine (6.4), Guy Teissier (7.5), and Thomas van Kranenburg (7.1).  We are delighted to announce that Thomas topped the Year 7 category! Bravo les garçons.


Some Year 8 students have been writing to their French pen pals.  The boys have enjoyed practising their written French and have loved reading the French students' answers in English.  They now realise that English can also be a difficult language to learn!  Some are still in contact today, which is fabuleux.

Mdm Emilie Perrot and Mdm Shaye Pett
Middle School French Teachers