The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

From the Head of  Junior School

Semester 2 brings with it some new changes for many familiar staff members and students as there are some new leadership roles amongst us.  I would like to welcome our new families to the Scotch community as well as welcoming back those families who have been on a leave of absence. It is great to have you all joining us this Semester.

On the staffing front, I welcome back Mrs Sue Mitchell who is taking over from Mrs Larree Springall in 3S and a warm welcome to Mr Nathan Eaton who replaces Mrs Ritchie in 5C on Thursdays. Congratulations to Mrs Ritchie who has taken on the position of Acting Deputy Head of the Junior School and I look forward to working with her even more closely in my new role.

The Junior School commissioned our new Semester 2 Captains and Class Representative on Friday 2 August and I spoke to the boys about some key aspects of leadership and what were common leadership skills. I shared these because they are common skills that student leadership displayed too.  The top skill that leaders need the most, regardless of their level, was the ability to inspire and motivate others. It was slightly higher than the need for a leader to display high integrity and honesty and the ability to solve problems and analyse issues. As I read through the information about necessary skills for strong leadership, I could see a strong correlation to the skills that the boys displayed in their captaincy and class representative roles within the Junior School.

Some of the other skills needed included;

  • Driving for results,
  • Communicating powerfully and prolifically,
  • Collaborating and promoting teamwork,
  • Building relationships

What I like about these identified skills is how strong the PYP program fosters and develops each of these. Educating the boys at Scotch includes being a good citizen, being mindful about how to make a difference and how we can work together to influence positive change within and beyond our Scotch community. The program aims to develop a student's commitment to help members of the community, the world around them and each other through mutual respect – all qualities that are enhanced through leadership as well.

I look forward to a busy and productive term seeing lots of opportunity for consolidation and learning amongst the Junior School. I hope to see you all at the Student Led Conferences scheduled this week.