The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Headmaster's Commendations

Congratulations to these boys for receiving a Headmaster's Commendation.

Year 1G

Jaydon Dawson (from 21 June)

Aiden Gibson

Tobias Gliddon

Samuel Hodder

Henry Harris

Year 2A

Lucas Paino

George Young

Casey Savill

Darcy Bartholomaeus

Year 3S

Lucas Fry

Leo Niardone

Benjamin Roberts

Year 3W

Brodie Gillett (from 21 June)

Zachary McManus

Fareeq Nor Aman

Samuel Cimbaro

Year 4C

Flynn Howard (from 21 June)

Berti Koth

Dominic Van Niekerk

Eugene Cha

Jacob Timmcke

Year 4T

Johnny Newall (from 21 June)

Hamish Cooper

Xavier Fugill

Tomas Robaina Chacon

Jasper Levy

Harrison Grant

Year 5C

Hamish Middleton (from 21 June)

Charlie Robinson

Elliot Gaspar

Cooper Royle

Harrison Bain

Year 5L

Gabriel Hunter

Seth Loveday

Thomas Lovegrove

Angus Meadows

Year 5W

Alexander Fry (from 21 June,)

Oliver Campbell

Matthew Hale

Dane Morrison

James Mitchell

Edward Meadows

Cooper Lisle