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Performing Arts News

On Friday 28 June, the Junior School boys met with the musicians from Doctor Stovepipe to take a journey back in time to when old songs were brand new. Together they collected tunes from the past from styles as varied as Appalachian string-band music, Hot Jazz, Gypsy Swing, Cowboy-Western combos and Popular Ragtime, and transported them back to the here and now. With the help of the boys, they dusted them off, polished them up, and made them brand new again by adding changes and stories as suggested by the Junior School lads.

Their visit marked the culmination of all of the learning undertaken by the boys in Performing Arts throughout Autumn Term, which was driven by curriculum-guided activities that explored the art and intricacies of four key pieces: Dog In The Doghouse, Take This Guitar, June Apple and Makin’ It Up. It is our hope that by keeping old songs new and alive, the boys will send them far off into the future to live on, and for them to continue sharing them for other people to enjoy.

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Miss Phebe Samson
Performing Arts Teacher